First we mull over our ideas. Then we put them through the mill.


At our Technical Centre, small quantities bring great benefits, as we have proven over a number of years. Here we possess the ideal conditions to verify the actual behaviour of the raw material in the intended processes and finishing steps. We also conduct scalable test series here to provide reliable data for our cost calculations.

For our customers, this means maximum reliability and security, with no additional burden on their own budget.

In addition, our pilot plant is at our customers' disposal for their own test grindings or small-volume production. Our expert team of seasoned engineers, chemists and developers will be happy to support you in your product development.

The Technical Centre covers an area of 1000 m² and, at a height of almost 10 metres, is also suitable for multi-stage processes. Tiny quantities of just a few grams up to one kilogram can be ground, as well as small volumes of 5 to 1,000 kilograms. Here you can advance your product development cost effectively, without having to invest in your own plant.

Portrait Frederik Schock, Portriat, Frontal

Over 80 percent of all processes developed and tested in the Innovation Lab and Technical Centre go into series production. Often new customers become regular customers in this way. What's more, for many customers we end up functioning like an external R&D department.

Frederick Schnock

Besides various cryo-grinding plants, laboratory mills for tiny volumes, universal mills with a wide variety of grinding inserts and achievable finenesses, and micro-cutting mills for food applications, the following plants and services are at your disposal:

At a glance

  • Area of 1,000 square metres; height of up to ten metres
  • Viability of multi-stage processes
  • Trials at tiny volumes of just a few grams up to one kilogram
  • Small volumes of 5 to 1,000 kilograms
  • Various cryo-grinding plants, laboratory mills, universal mills, micro-cutting mills
  • Vibrating, tumbling and long-stroke jigger screens
  • Twin-screw extruders with water-cooled strand granulation
  • 40-litre conical screw mixers
  • Spraying systems to crystallise molten material and mixtures
  • Drum blenders
  • Mixing granulators

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